So apparently I can get a bit obsessive about my new endeavors and this can be quite annoying to people not as excited about it as me.  Oops!

I’ve been bugging Brandy to submit something because I know she does a lot of origami and is just creative in general.  She complied and sent me the photos below.  First the before:


Which is totally creative on it’s own, and below the “after” along with her comments:

And the finished product. It’s from a Chili’s cocktail napkin that I confiscated while the bartender (“Magic” Mike) showed me his awesome flair skillz. The origami peacock is one of the first pieces that I learned how to fold; I was told that it symbolizes everlasting inner beauty. I found that folding napkins at a bar is a good way to make friends with the bartender, and a great way to get free shots when you are too socially awkward to talk. 🙂 This peacock came out a little messy after I decided to color it with dry erase markers, but it’s the first time I folded this model while showing off four different layers of the napkin. I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY!


I am happy Brandy.  Very, very happy!

Some amazing napkins!



I wish Nina had found my website and submitted directly, but these napkins are so amazing that I still have to share.

This is Nina’s intro:

Briefly: I have been drawing on napkins for my kids’ lunch boxes since my first son went to nursery school in 2006.  I did a napkin for him every school and camp day until he hit fourth grade, when kids at his school start eating in the cafeteria and don’t bring a lunch from home.   I started drawing for his 4 years younger brother before he started nursery school because he needed to have the same thing as his older brother.  I still draw for both kids over the summer when they are in camp.  And the older brother who is now in 5th grade still puts in requests and heavily influences his brothers choice.  The kids usually give me a request every night at bedtime, although sometimes they forget, or there is bedtime conflict that precludes a request.  I draw what they ask for as best I can, although this is often not reasonable or physically possible…. And sometimes I rebel at the idea of drawing the same character for the 14th time. I think we have something in excess of 2000 napkins so far, although I only started posting them on the blog in 2011.

Go take a look at her blog and these pieces of art:


And she has a great post here:



Stabilos for ContestSharpies for GiveawayOkay, here’s the first Drawn on a Napkin giveaway.

I’ve got two items, a 12 count of Assorted Fine Point Sharpie Markers and a 20 count pack of Pen 68s from Stabilo.  The Stabilo markers are pretty cool, they’re in a hard case that opens and stands up.

So don’t bust my hump on this, I’m a guy trying to start a cool, fun website and not a lawyer.  I’m calling this a giveaway and the recipients are going to be chosen by me.  I’m going to tell you my metrics to be selected as a recipient of the giveaway but my decision is still my decision.   😉

Okay, so for the Sharpies:  Most positive responses to a submission over the next two weeks.  When I say positive responses, I’m opening that to “likes” and responses on Google+ and Facebook and twitter as well as comments on the site itself.  However, if you’ve been liking my posts on FB, please take a moment to leave a positive comment on the actual Drawn on a Napkin page, it’s good feedback to the submitters and will help promote more submissions.  🙂

The Stabilos:  Most “new” submitters/submissions generated.  I’m trying to grow readership/followings/submissions/whatever.  So the person who helps me advertise and spread the word about Drawn on a Napkin and nags their friends enough to get me the most new submissions over the next week will get the Stabilos.  Obviously you can submit your own napkins as well, but this website will be much more fun as we get more, new people submitting and get some back and forth dialogue going between people who submit.  So like, share, tweet, etc. and make sure that anyone who sends a submission mentions who sent them!



PJ’s Second Submission

PJ submitted “Wind” earlier and I posted it last week (here) and then submitted this napkin of her friend Lori.  Since Lori is the person who introduced PJ to the Drawn on a Napkin site I’m doubly happy to post this today, not only is it a great drawing but it’s a great way to say “Thanks” to Lori for the connectdion!

Lori napkin

Better Late than Never…

Sunflower 1 photo2Crazy morning, but I’m finally getting around to posting.  A friend of my Mom’s loves sunflowers and after seeing some of Mom’s recent drawings asked her if she’d do a sunflower for a tattoo.  Mom has been drawing a couple to get it down and these are her napkins and comments:

“another one, now really frustrate with the napkin.  Not that easy to draw on and put the color down. Thinking about doing it on reg drawing paper.

Inspired! “Wind”

windA new friend PJ sent this photo in.  This is where a project like this starts to get really fun.  A friend of a friend pointed PJ in this direction and she’s got the first submission that came through word of mouth.  This is a great one and look for another great one in a couple of days (She’s already sent it in, I’m not twisting her arm!).  This is PJ’s Google+ page.

And here is what she has to say about this submission:

I heard this song on my smooth jazz station this evening. I’ve always loved this song.




Originally I wasn’t going to post a new pic today.  To me personally today is a day of reflection.  But as I thought about it I realized that it doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, and that some people choose to remember by laughing and living.  And I’ve always said that one of my mottoes is that I’d rather laugh than cry any day.

So here’s today’s post, please understand that the humor is a conscious choice to live and enjoy life and isn’t callous.

From the submitter:

“I thought it seemed like a strange request, but hey….whatever you’re into.
About halfway through it suddenly occurred to me that maybe I misunderstood….


Post it if you want to. ;)”