Some amazing napkins!



I wish Nina had found my website and submitted directly, but these napkins are so amazing that I still have to share.

This is Nina’s intro:

Briefly: I have been drawing on napkins for my kids’ lunch boxes since my first son went to nursery school in 2006.  I did a napkin for him every school and camp day until he hit fourth grade, when kids at his school start eating in the cafeteria and don’t bring a lunch from home.   I started drawing for his 4 years younger brother before he started nursery school because he needed to have the same thing as his older brother.  I still draw for both kids over the summer when they are in camp.  And the older brother who is now in 5th grade still puts in requests and heavily influences his brothers choice.  The kids usually give me a request every night at bedtime, although sometimes they forget, or there is bedtime conflict that precludes a request.  I draw what they ask for as best I can, although this is often not reasonable or physically possible…. And sometimes I rebel at the idea of drawing the same character for the 14th time. I think we have something in excess of 2000 napkins so far, although I only started posting them on the blog in 2011.

Go take a look at her blog and these pieces of art:


And she has a great post here:



Stabilos for ContestSharpies for GiveawayOkay, here’s the first Drawn on a Napkin giveaway.

I’ve got two items, a 12 count of Assorted Fine Point Sharpie Markers and a 20 count pack of Pen 68s from Stabilo.  The Stabilo markers are pretty cool, they’re in a hard case that opens and stands up.

So don’t bust my hump on this, I’m a guy trying to start a cool, fun website and not a lawyer.  I’m calling this a giveaway and the recipients are going to be chosen by me.  I’m going to tell you my metrics to be selected as a recipient of the giveaway but my decision is still my decision.   😉

Okay, so for the Sharpies:  Most positive responses to a submission over the next two weeks.  When I say positive responses, I’m opening that to “likes” and responses on Google+ and Facebook and twitter as well as comments on the site itself.  However, if you’ve been liking my posts on FB, please take a moment to leave a positive comment on the actual Drawn on a Napkin page, it’s good feedback to the submitters and will help promote more submissions.  🙂

The Stabilos:  Most “new” submitters/submissions generated.  I’m trying to grow readership/followings/submissions/whatever.  So the person who helps me advertise and spread the word about Drawn on a Napkin and nags their friends enough to get me the most new submissions over the next week will get the Stabilos.  Obviously you can submit your own napkins as well, but this website will be much more fun as we get more, new people submitting and get some back and forth dialogue going between people who submit.  So like, share, tweet, etc. and make sure that anyone who sends a submission mentions who sent them!



Wee little houses and poems…

Here’s the submitter’s description:

“Two more napkins! (Hopefully paper towel will do.  It’s all we could find)

The first one my sister did.  It’s a drawing of her Tiny House she’s building in her driveway and plans on living in (eventually) on our parent’s property on the Sunshine Coast.  It’s built on a flatdeck and is 248 square feet.
The second one is a quote from my mom who is a writer and poet. ”


I’ve really had to start thinking about how much space I need to be content and while I think it’s a little more than 248 square feet, it’s a lot less than what I’ve got now.IMG_3039IMG_3042

Awesome Dad!

Press StartEarlier this week I was so excited about finding Chris’ napkin gallery that I posted a link to it and I’ve got a link to his other site in the footer below.

This was the first napkin of his I saw and he graciously allowed me to repost it here.  Chris has drawn a napkin for his daughter every school day since April 2012 and now has a son who has just started school as well.  Even though he’s now doing 2 a day I’m hoping he’ll do an occasional napkin just for Drawn on a Napkin!

Keep up the great work Chris!  I really remember the little notes Mom would put in my lunch.  Kids need to feel loved and appreciated and it sounds like yours do!

The full intro for Chris is here.

Wedding Napkins!

So, these aren’t really “drawn on a napkin” (and if you work for the company that printed these, please know that I am not trying to infringe on any copyrights, if you provide me with details, I’ll happily update this post with the proper info!) but it’s taking a little bit to build up some steam on the submissions side and my good friend AB sent these in.  She was attending a wedding this past Labor Day weekend and these were the napkins that were used.  I definitely agree with the sentiment expressed in both.





I love this one!  It’s from a friend who I hope will be a frequent contributor.  Oh, for those friends who’ve been suckered into helping out, I hope you don’t think of this as a “one and done”.  Oh no, keep’em coming!

The artist’s words:

“No interesting story to it.  Just a napkin from the deli around the corner from where I work where I get a cappuccino occasionally.  And I’m on a kick with circles right now.




I’ve had this site for a couple of years, I originally registered the domain name because I needed a sandbox for a web developer to play in while he was working on a business idea for me. I always liked the idea of great business ideas that were created by two excited guys drawing on the back of a napkin and in the back of my mind always thought that maybe I’d use this to create some kind of collaboration toolkit for people trying to get the next really cool idea off the ground. That never happened and I was talking to a friend and they interpreted the name a completely different way and thought I was doing something akin to the great website Duh! Why didn’t I think of that before? Anyways, here we are, better late than never.

So, having said that, send me your napkin doodles! For the moment, no real rules.  If you put personally identifiable information on the napkin (full name, phone number, social security number, etc.) then in the submission email you need to let me know that you’re the creator, the person identified, and that you’re okay with me posting the info.  I take no responsibility for identify theft or other badness that happens. For the moment I’ll accept and post advertisements as long as they are hand drawn by the submitter on a napkin. In this case business address and info are acceptable although I take no responsibility if you’re spammed or anything negative happens to your business as a result of the posting. I reserve the right to not post any submission for any reason, with or without explanation although at the moment I can’t think of any reason why I would. Any drawings I post do not necessarily reflect me or my beliefs or opinions.

When you send in a drawing ( make sure you let me know if you want me to post your email address or a “handle” for you, or if you want the post to be completely anonymous.  If you want me to categorize your drawing give me a hashtag.  The email address is the only exception to personally identifiable information and I will only post it with your explicit request. Please feel free to include a story about the drawing, when and where you were when you drew it, if it was a drunken collaboration feel free to include photos of the gang @ the bar and/or what the drawing means to you, etc.

I’m not sure if this will get off the ground, but I imagine there will be some slower periods. While I’d like for all of your submissions to be on a small format medium (namely napkins, although I could see post-it notes coming my way), I’ll potentially be posting links to other art websites, blog articles, sketches of my own, etc.

Thanks for playing!