Very Exciting!

Okay, I’m a geek who has done data center moves before.  I’ve been in the trenches, actually un-racking servers and just taking a pair of side cutters to hundreds of rat-nested cables and I’ve also supervised moves.  And, in full disclosure, I’ve utilized Blaine Berger’s services to PM my most successful data center move to date.  So to me, books about data center moves are interesting.

If you’re not an IT person like myself data center moves might not be your cup of tea.  So what’s exciting about this?  Well, a couple of things.  First, the fact that Blaine took the time to recreate the cover of his book on a napkin.  Then the fact that he’s being creative about advertising and the use of social media.  And lastly, the fact that he’s offering the guide at a discounted price for people who get to it thru this site.  My first cross-platform promotion!  So, without further ado:


Hi Mac – I’m the author of “What Everybody Ought to Know Before Moving a Data Center” and wanted to shoot you my first napkin submission and my story.

I’m planning my book launch party in Denver to coincide with the book’s debut on Amazon in the first quarter of 2014. While the minutia of that process isn’t important, the catering element triggered a discussion about what to print on the napkin.
Why not share the process, I thought? The $8 off the book offer is real as a thank you to your readers. Feedback welcome from your readers on napkin ideas!

Blaine Berger | President of E-Oasis

Author of “What Everybody Ought to Know Before Moving a Data Center”


tax explainedA couple of months ago (yeah, yeah, I’m way behind) I had a business meeting with a neat guy.  When we did the business card exchange I got the raised eyebrow and had to explain what is.  Like so many tech guys, he does a great job of white boarding and explaining things visually and he was more excited about the idea of a website that captured ideas shared on the back of a napkin vs. drawing on napkins for art.  He took a few moments and shared a tax concept with me on a small sheet of notebook paper and just because I was involved and it’s small format, I’m sharing the picture here.  Thanks for the drawing Dave!

New Artist.

Today’s pic is from a new artist, Jordan.  She’s pretty awesome in general, is enrolled in an fine arts program in school and is a beginning graffiti artist.

I know that napkins are pretty small compared to her normal canvasses but hopefully this isn’t the last we’ll see from her!



I get a napkin without any info.  And the artist wants to be anon.  So I think I just post it with no explanation and we should just all appreciate the art.  🙂  I’m sure there’s a story behind this, but I guess that’s for he/she to know and maybe someday we’ll find out!hellokitty


See what he did there?  Clever with the title, huh?  huh?  I just plagiarized it though, as you’ll see below.

A friend remembers the original Drawn on a Napkin idea and fascination with sharing data via quickly drawn sketches on the back of a napkin and so sent me this:

The 150 year old Peabody Conservatory is a Maryland Icon and a world-famous center for aspiring artists.
How do you get there?
Follow this MapKin (you see what I did there).
I did and the shirt is proof that I arrived and that the map is every bit as accurate as any online app. (You might say an AppKin, but that’s for the reader to decide.)
I like that they used a smiley face to show the destination vs. the tired “X”.  Shows creativity.


It’s a crazy week and I missed yesterday and am late getting this posted.

Al is a friend of my Mom’s and she connected us.  He’s submitted a lot of great, great napkins!  I think he did a great job and I hope that he’s a frequent submitter!


Fire water I am a ninja Job title Napkin art Suger Skull Zone

New Artist!

Marianne is one of the friends that I arm twisted to send me a napkin.

“I’m so sorry this has taken so long.  I literally haven’t been out for lunch/coffee in that long.  This makes me sad.  Anyway, crappy drawing but thought I’d send it anyway due to the fact that I might never be out for coffee again going by my current rate!!!”

Now personally I think she’s her own worst critic, I think this is a great pic:


Rated “R” for Adult language: AKA – Happy Hour!

So my sister might’ve come out of no where to win the “most new submitters” contest by taking her team to happy hour.

Group Shot

Napkin #1 

This guy’s name relates to snow or frosty and he drew this (my sister’s comments from when she sent the pic below the photo):


He drew it.  We asked him why, cause his name is Frosty?  He said no, because when I was 18, I drew this exact same thing on a napkin, then took it down and had it tattooed on my arm.  And sure as shit, there it is!

Napkin #2


I said, “so what the hell is that?”  And my friend says, “I just feel that way most of the time”.  And my other friend says, “You feel like a vagina?”  LMAO

My comment?  I hope I never see a vagina that looks like that…


Napkin #3


Now you’ve just got some mc Escher shit going down.