A new napkin

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted actual napkin art, which is tragic given the name of this website.

I was in Chicago this weekend for the Progressive International Motorcycle Show and was fortunate to meet several wonderful women. They were some great small business owners, brilliant, driven and super creative.

Heidi sent me these napkins. You should check out her instagram @heidimaetrix. She’s brilliant at cosplay.

I think this little guy is adorable. Don’t you just want to cheer him up?


Sometime over the course of the evening he grew a beard:


And got a little creepier?

A REAL Napkin!

Napkin Pepper Shaker
Napkin Pepper Grinder


Lori Stewart has been a great friend for many, many years.  She’s sent supplies to my soldiers while deployed, has provided moral and emotional support when needed and has been a sounding board for many half-baked ideas.

She currently runs a project called Operation Warrior Watch which still provides support for soldiers and their families.

I really appreciate her taking the time to draw and send this in.