Feeble Jeep

I was excited when I started this site (still am!) because it would force me to stay creative.  I had stopped sketching for years (decades) and earlier this year had started again and enjoyed it.  But, like anything else, to get/stay good it requires practice.  I have a problem just sitting and drawing something for the sake of sitting and drawing something.  That’s one of the reasons why I loved art classes in college, there were regular assignments and the more I drew, the easier it was and then things started to flow from me.  So I was hoping that this would be similar.  Force myself to sketch and eventually it’d become easier.

I tried doing this napkin last weekend.  Wow.  It’s hard!  So used to using a pencil and being able to erase, using ink and having it committed was frustrating.  Once you screw up that line do you toss the whole thing, or just try to compensate?  Or, like me, just start tapering off?  Then the medium.  This terrible little piece of thin paper that bleeds so easily and is so tiny compared to jumbo sketch pads!

Anyways, I liked the challenge and think this will be fun.  Here’s hoping the improvements come!  And new respect gained for the people who do it so, so well.



A very special younger site visitor sent this picture in today.  He was on vacation in North Carolina over the long weekend and tried to capture the trip in his napkin drawing.

I’m doing some interpreting here, but it looks like he went para-sailing, but I think he took some poetic license with what appears to be a red sea monster?  I love the way that he rubbed it in by taking the photo of the napkin on the beach with the beautiful sky, water and sand in the background.




There are going to be a couple boat pics this week.  This one though, it’s definitely in the “funny” category.

Emily’s explanation:

“This is a picture of my parent’s boat. It’s name is Trio. One time my dad and my uncle were sailing at night and they hit a green can (a kind of buoy, for you inland folk) and had to sail back to port with the front chunk of the boat dangling off. And there is my mom throwing up over the side because she does that sometimes.  And on the deck is my parent’s cat. Her name is Z-cat, and she goes on the boat with my parents for weeks at a time. And in the water is my sister because she fell overboard a lot as a child.  She was pretty clumsy.

Oh, and there’s a seal. Because I like seals.”

First Napkin!

(Second actually, but the first was special and I’m selfish and not sharing it!)

So a good friend is applying for jobs and today submitted an app for a position at a corrections facility.  They were a little worried about getting shanked and I said that they should capture that feeling on a napkin.    They said “no” and then I guilted them into it.  Voila!

The ink bled a little, it says “Ouch!  I’ve been shanked!”

V__B7F7 (1)

Which reminds me of one of my favorite commercials:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cqi8-HlHmLU