Don’t be looking at me when I’m looking at you!

focusA good friend of mine got this shot of me the other night while we were walking around downtown taking photos.  Right about the same time I got this shot of him:


We weren’t actually trying to get shots of each other, we were trying to get setup to get shots of a train coming through, but it worked out neat.



I get a napkin without any info.  And the artist wants to be anon.  So I think I just post it with no explanation and we should just all appreciate the art.  🙂  I’m sure there’s a story behind this, but I guess that’s for he/she to know and maybe someday we’ll find out!hellokitty

My Poor Ego…

Damnit.  So.  You nag friends to draw napkins for you.  And they do.  But they twist the knife a little…  I posted the picture of myself as a profile pic on Google +.  My friend did an excellent job of rendering it on a napkin but…


Notice any similarities between me and Dale Gribble?  Especially since I was at the range in that pic?



See what he did there?  Clever with the title, huh?  huh?  I just plagiarized it though, as you’ll see below.

A friend remembers the original Drawn on a Napkin idea and fascination with sharing data via quickly drawn sketches on the back of a napkin and so sent me this:

The 150 year old Peabody Conservatory is a Maryland Icon and a world-famous center for aspiring artists.
How do you get there?
Follow this MapKin (you see what I did there).
I did and the shirt is proof that I arrived and that the map is every bit as accurate as any online app. (You might say an AppKin, but that’s for the reader to decide.)
I like that they used a smiley face to show the destination vs. the tired “X”.  Shows creativity.

Rated “R” for Adult language: AKA – Happy Hour!

So my sister might’ve come out of no where to win the “most new submitters” contest by taking her team to happy hour.

Group Shot

Napkin #1 

This guy’s name relates to snow or frosty and he drew this (my sister’s comments from when she sent the pic below the photo):


He drew it.  We asked him why, cause his name is Frosty?  He said no, because when I was 18, I drew this exact same thing on a napkin, then took it down and had it tattooed on my arm.  And sure as shit, there it is!

Napkin #2


I said, “so what the hell is that?”  And my friend says, “I just feel that way most of the time”.  And my other friend says, “You feel like a vagina?”  LMAO

My comment?  I hope I never see a vagina that looks like that…


Napkin #3


Now you’ve just got some mc Escher shit going down.



Originally I wasn’t going to post a new pic today.  To me personally today is a day of reflection.  But as I thought about it I realized that it doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, and that some people choose to remember by laughing and living.  And I’ve always said that one of my mottoes is that I’d rather laugh than cry any day.

So here’s today’s post, please understand that the humor is a conscious choice to live and enjoy life and isn’t callous.

From the submitter:

“I thought it seemed like a strange request, but hey….whatever you’re into.
About halfway through it suddenly occurred to me that maybe I misunderstood….


Post it if you want to. ;)”