I was a little cranky yesterday and was taking it out on people, and a little obsessive about getting drawings from friends.  The real reason was that my Dad was in the hospital undergoing an angioplasty procedure and I was worried.  Fortunately he is ok and going home today (YAY!).

Fortunately though, my quest for napkin drawings let my mom distract herself and she did some drawings for me.  One is a castle that was in the fish tank in the first waiting room.



Thanks Mom!

P.S.  Mom’s who got me into art and really supported me in all my endeavors.  She’s an incredibly talented woman!

First Napkin!

(Second actually, but the first was special and I’m selfish and not sharing it!)

So a good friend is applying for jobs and today submitted an app for a position at a corrections facility.  They were a little worried about getting shanked and I said that they should capture that feeling on a napkin.    They said “no” and then I guilted them into it.  Voila!

The ink bled a little, it says “Ouch!  I’ve been shanked!”

V__B7F7 (1)

Which reminds me of one of my favorite commercials:


I’ve had this site for a couple of years, I originally registered the domain name because I needed a sandbox for a web developer to play in while he was working on a business idea for me. I always liked the idea of great business ideas that were created by two excited guys drawing on the back of a napkin and in the back of my mind always thought that maybe I’d use this to create some kind of collaboration toolkit for people trying to get the next really cool idea off the ground. That never happened and I was talking to a friend and they interpreted the name a completely different way and thought I was doing something akin to the great website Duh! Why didn’t I think of that before? Anyways, here we are, better late than never.

So, having said that, send me your napkin doodles! For the moment, no real rules.  If you put personally identifiable information on the napkin (full name, phone number, social security number, etc.) then in the submission email you need to let me know that you’re the creator, the person identified, and that you’re okay with me posting the info.  I take no responsibility for identify theft or other badness that happens. For the moment I’ll accept and post advertisements as long as they are hand drawn by the submitter on a napkin. In this case business address and info are acceptable although I take no responsibility if you’re spammed or anything negative happens to your business as a result of the posting. I reserve the right to not post any submission for any reason, with or without explanation although at the moment I can’t think of any reason why I would. Any drawings I post do not necessarily reflect me or my beliefs or opinions.

When you send in a drawing ( make sure you let me know if you want me to post your email address or a “handle” for you, or if you want the post to be completely anonymous.  If you want me to categorize your drawing give me a hashtag.  The email address is the only exception to personally identifiable information and I will only post it with your explicit request. Please feel free to include a story about the drawing, when and where you were when you drew it, if it was a drunken collaboration feel free to include photos of the gang @ the bar and/or what the drawing means to you, etc.

I’m not sure if this will get off the ground, but I imagine there will be some slower periods. While I’d like for all of your submissions to be on a small format medium (namely napkins, although I could see post-it notes coming my way), I’ll potentially be posting links to other art websites, blog articles, sketches of my own, etc.

Thanks for playing!