About Drawn on a Napkin

I had this site for a couple of years.  I originally registered the domain name because I needed a sandbox for a web developer to play in while he was working on a business idea for me. I always liked the idea of great business ideas that were created by two excited guys drawing on the back of a napkin and in the back of my mind always thought that maybe I’d use this to create some kind of collaboration toolkit for people trying to get the next really cool idea off the ground.  Life happened, years went by and I was still paying for a domain name that I really only ever used for pet projects of a more technical nature.

Now I’m getting into more creative endeavors.  It only makes sense to stick’em up here.  Hopefully I can convince other folks to share their work with me here as well.  Photos, drawings (even on a napkin), anything!  I want to learn from others, collaborate and celebrate our great work.