There’s a sandwich shop here

…called “Which Wich” here. Their gimmick is that you go in and write your order in a brown paper bag. If you get it to go, they (obviously) put the sandwich in the bag. Their other gimmicks are that if you take a photo on top of a > 14000′ mountain here in Colorado with one of their bags, and bring the photo in, they’ll give you a sandwich. And they encourage you to draw in the back of the bags and hang them on their wall instead of just throwing them away. They had some good art tonight.

A new napkin

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted actual napkin art, which is tragic given the name of this website.

I was in Chicago this weekend for the Progressive International Motorcycle Show and was fortunate to meet several wonderful women. They were some great small business owners, brilliant, driven and super creative.

Heidi sent me these napkins. You should check out her instagram @heidimaetrix. She’s brilliant at cosplay.

I think this little guy is adorable. Don’t you just want to cheer him up?


Sometime over the course of the evening he grew a beard:


And got a little creepier?

Forward Movement

Things are happening. I’ve got a FB book page up (Not Our PTS) and purchased the domain name Some incredibly kind fellow veterans are doing a great job of helping to get the word out about the book. And the submissions are starting to come in. Thanks so much! And keep getting the word out and sending in the photos and stories!