tax explainedA couple of months ago (yeah, yeah, I’m way behind) I had a business meeting with a neat guy.  When we did the business card exchange I got the raised eyebrow and had to explain what is.  Like so many tech guys, he does a great job of white boarding and explaining things visually and he was more excited about the idea of a website that captured ideas shared on the back of a napkin vs. drawing on napkins for art.  He took a few moments and shared a tax concept with me on a small sheet of notebook paper and just because I was involved and it’s small format, I’m sharing the picture here.  Thanks for the drawing Dave!

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  1. David Rudder November 26, 2013 at 10:23 pm

    That’s the Laffer curve. It’s the basis of supply-side economics, showing the relationship between tax rates and tax revenue. You can read more here:

    I think I got it tipped on it’s side. Google images finds me a napkin with tax percentage on the Y axis and revenue on the X.

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