tax explainedA couple of months ago (yeah, yeah, I’m way behind) I had a business meeting with a neat guy.  When we did the business card exchange I got the raised eyebrow and had to explain what is.  Like so many tech guys, he does a great job of white boarding and explaining things visually and he was more excited about the idea of a website that captured ideas shared on the back of a napkin vs. drawing on napkins for art.  He took a few moments and shared a tax concept with me on a small sheet of notebook paper and just because I was involved and it’s small format, I’m sharing the picture here.  Thanks for the drawing Dave!

New Artist.

Today’s pic is from a new artist, Jordan.  She’s pretty awesome in general, is enrolled in an fine arts program in school and is a beginning graffiti artist.

I know that napkins are pretty small compared to her normal canvasses but hopefully this isn’t the last we’ll see from her!


Happy Veterans Day

In the very short time that I’ve had this site up and running it has already paid for itself in lots of personal ways many times over.  Today’s submission is another example of that.  I woke up and found the drawing below in my inbox and it means a lot to me.  So to all the veterans out there, I hope you take a moment to bask in the appreciation of a grateful, but sometimes short memoried nation.

The narrative:

“I’m unsure why we have only one day that honors our veterans like you.
It’s not like we only have our freedoms 1 out of 365 days a year.
Thank you for your service, my friend.”


I get a napkin without any info.  And the artist wants to be anon.  So I think I just post it with no explanation and we should just all appreciate the art.  🙂  I’m sure there’s a story behind this, but I guess that’s for he/she to know and maybe someday we’ll find out!hellokitty