So my friend who did yesterday’s napkin said he wasn’t doing anymore until I did a napkin of a recent network change at work.  But then he liked the way yesterday’s post was framed well enough that he gave me a freebie.  However, I felt guilty so I made mine and you guys benefit with a two-fer.  Mine is a drawing that I had to generate to show folks how we were going to fix a problem.

First, his latest, followed by my technical masterpiece:

seannap2 network

My Poor Ego…

Damnit.  So.  You nag friends to draw napkins for you.  And they do.  But they twist the knife a little…  I posted the picture of myself as a profile pic on Google +.  My friend did an excellent job of rendering it on a napkin but…


Notice any similarities between me and Dale Gribble?  Especially since I was at the range in that pic?



See what he did there?  Clever with the title, huh?  huh?  I just plagiarized it though, as you’ll see below.

A friend remembers the original Drawn on a Napkin idea and fascination with sharing data via quickly drawn sketches on the back of a napkin and so sent me this:

The 150 year old Peabody Conservatory is a Maryland Icon and a world-famous center for aspiring artists.
How do you get there?
Follow this MapKin (you see what I did there).
I did and the shirt is proof that I arrived and that the map is every bit as accurate as any online app. (You might say an AppKin, but that’s for the reader to decide.)
I like that they used a smiley face to show the destination vs. the tired “X”.  Shows creativity.


I’ve been trying to write and trying to write and trying to write but it hasn’t happened, so instead I’m just going to post a napkin.  That’s what it’s all about, right?


Today it’s some doodles from Mom.  Same doodle, just two pics, one in B&W and one in color.





It’s a crazy week and I missed yesterday and am late getting this posted.

Al is a friend of my Mom’s and she connected us.  He’s submitted a lot of great, great napkins!  I think he did a great job and I hope that he’s a frequent submitter!


Fire water I am a ninja Job title Napkin art Suger Skull Zone

New Artist!

Marianne is one of the friends that I arm twisted to send me a napkin.

“I’m so sorry this has taken so long.  I literally haven’t been out for lunch/coffee in that long.  This makes me sad.  Anyway, crappy drawing but thought I’d send it anyway due to the fact that I might never be out for coffee again going by my current rate!!!”

Now personally I think she’s her own worst critic, I think this is a great pic: