So my friend who did yesterday’s napkin said he wasn’t doing anymore until I did a napkin of a recent network change at work.  But then he liked the way yesterday’s post was framed well enough that he gave me a freebie.  However, I felt guilty so I made mine and you guys benefit with a two-fer.  Mine is a drawing that I had to generate to show folks how we were going to fix a problem.

First, his latest, followed by my technical masterpiece:

seannap2 network

My Poor Ego…

Damnit.  So.  You nag friends to draw napkins for you.  And they do.  But they twist the knife a little…  I posted the picture of myself as a profile pic on Google +.  My friend did an excellent job of rendering it on a napkin but…


Notice any similarities between me and Dale Gribble?  Especially since I was at the range in that pic?



See what he did there?  Clever with the title, huh?  huh?  I just plagiarized it though, as you’ll see below.

A friend remembers the original Drawn on a Napkin idea and fascination with sharing data via quickly drawn sketches on the back of a napkin and so sent me this:

The 150 year old Peabody Conservatory is a Maryland Icon and a world-famous center for aspiring artists.
How do you get there?
Follow this MapKin (you see what I did there).
I did and the shirt is proof that I arrived and that the map is every bit as accurate as any online app. (You might say an AppKin, but that’s for the reader to decide.)
I like that they used a smiley face to show the destination vs. the tired “X”.  Shows creativity.


It’s a crazy week and I missed yesterday and am late getting this posted.

Al is a friend of my Mom’s and she connected us.  He’s submitted a lot of great, great napkins!  I think he did a great job and I hope that he’s a frequent submitter!


Fire water I am a ninja Job title Napkin art Suger Skull Zone

New Artist!

Marianne is one of the friends that I arm twisted to send me a napkin.

“I’m so sorry this has taken so long.  I literally haven’t been out for lunch/coffee in that long.  This makes me sad.  Anyway, crappy drawing but thought I’d send it anyway due to the fact that I might never be out for coffee again going by my current rate!!!”

Now personally I think she’s her own worst critic, I think this is a great pic: