So apparently I can get a bit obsessive about my new endeavors and this can be quite annoying to people not as excited about it as me.  Oops!

I’ve been bugging Brandy to submit something because I know she does a lot of origami and is just creative in general.  She complied and sent me the photos below.  First the before:


Which is totally creative on it’s own, and below the “after” along with her comments:

And the finished product. It’s from a Chili’s cocktail napkin that I confiscated while the bartender (“Magic” Mike) showed me his awesome flair skillz. The origami peacock is one of the first pieces that I learned how to fold; I was told that it symbolizes everlasting inner beauty. I found that folding napkins at a bar is a good way to make friends with the bartender, and a great way to get free shots when you are too socially awkward to talk. 🙂 This peacock came out a little messy after I decided to color it with dry erase markers, but it’s the first time I folded this model while showing off four different layers of the napkin. I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY!


I am happy Brandy.  Very, very happy!

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