Too cool not to share!

I’ll be posting a picture from Chris later this week, but his work is too cool not to share now.

Go look at his gallery at:

Then come back and read more about the awesome dad, here is his intro in his words:

My name is Chris Hughes. I’m 29. I’m a married father of two great kids, ages 9 and 4.
In April 2012, I started drawing on my daughter’s school lunch napkins. The kids were bummed to return “Hop” to our local Blockbuster (yes, we still had one then), and I drew the titular Easter Bunny behind his drum kit on a napkin for my daughter to ease the pain a bit. One thing led to another and now, as she starts fourth grade this month, I’ve drawn more than 200 consecutive daily napkins minus obvious holiday breaks and sick days. Her art teacher even displays them at the beginning of their classes, which is funny to me because I did not fare well in my art school critiques. (I later left the AFA program and switched to a Communications track at another college.)
My son, who starts school for the first time this year, will be getting napkins from the beginning of his school experience. I’m eager to see how long he actually lets me continue it. What a neat metric to count how many days of school we put our kids through!
The napkins are inspired both by my kids’ interests and my own. I’ve tried introducing a lot of 90s television, movies, and video games into their impressionable minds, but we watch a lot of modern shows and play plenty of current generation Nintendo games together. They’re admittedly drawn on fairly cheap paper napkins with thin tip Sharpies, and I changed over to a brush tip marker for the outlines this year.
Drawing daily napkins got me back to creating things every day, which helped rekindle a lost love of graphic design. I operate a pop-culture mashup infused shop at (including one design featured at last fall) and my personal design blog at
For the last eight years, I was a journalist in northeastern Pennsylvania. At the end of August, I switched roles and returned to my alma mater, Lackawanna College, as their new manager of web content and news media.
Massive props to my wife who gives me the time to do silly napkin doodles for the kids we both love very much.

Wedding Napkins!

So, these aren’t really “drawn on a napkin” (and if you work for the company that printed these, please know that I am not trying to infringe on any copyrights, if you provide me with details, I’ll happily update this post with the proper info!) but it’s taking a little bit to build up some steam on the submissions side and my good friend AB sent these in.  She was attending a wedding this past Labor Day weekend and these were the napkins that were used.  I definitely agree with the sentiment expressed in both.





There are going to be a couple boat pics this week.  This one though, it’s definitely in the “funny” category.

Emily’s explanation:

“This is a picture of my parent’s boat. It’s name is Trio. One time my dad and my uncle were sailing at night and they hit a green can (a kind of buoy, for you inland folk) and had to sail back to port with the front chunk of the boat dangling off. And there is my mom throwing up over the side because she does that sometimes.  And on the deck is my parent’s cat. Her name is Z-cat, and she goes on the boat with my parents for weeks at a time. And in the water is my sister because she fell overboard a lot as a child.  She was pretty clumsy.

Oh, and there’s a seal. Because I like seals.”



I love this one!  It’s from a friend who I hope will be a frequent contributor.  Oh, for those friends who’ve been suckered into helping out, I hope you don’t think of this as a “one and done”.  Oh no, keep’em coming!

The artist’s words:

“No interesting story to it.  Just a napkin from the deli around the corner from where I work where I get a cappuccino occasionally.  And I’m on a kick with circles right now.