Better Late than Never…

Sunflower 1 photo2Crazy morning, but I’m finally getting around to posting.  A friend of my Mom’s loves sunflowers and after seeing some of Mom’s recent drawings asked her if she’d do a sunflower for a tattoo.  Mom has been drawing a couple to get it down and these are her napkins and comments:

“another one, now really frustrate with the napkin.  Not that easy to draw on and put the color down. Thinking about doing it on reg drawing paper.

Inspired! “Wind”

windA new friend PJ sent this photo in.  This is where a project like this starts to get really fun.  A friend of a friend pointed PJ in this direction and she’s got the first submission that came through word of mouth.  This is a great one and look for another great one in a couple of days (She’s already sent it in, I’m not twisting her arm!).  This is PJ’s Google+ page.

And here is what she has to say about this submission:

I heard this song on my smooth jazz station this evening. I’ve always loved this song.




Originally I wasn’t going to post a new pic today.  To me personally today is a day of reflection.  But as I thought about it I realized that it doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, and that some people choose to remember by laughing and living.  And I’ve always said that one of my mottoes is that I’d rather laugh than cry any day.

So here’s today’s post, please understand that the humor is a conscious choice to live and enjoy life and isn’t callous.

From the submitter:

“I thought it seemed like a strange request, but hey….whatever you’re into.
About halfway through it suddenly occurred to me that maybe I misunderstood….


Post it if you want to. ;)”


Feeble Jeep

I was excited when I started this site (still am!) because it would force me to stay creative.  I had stopped sketching for years (decades) and earlier this year had started again and enjoyed it.  But, like anything else, to get/stay good it requires practice.  I have a problem just sitting and drawing something for the sake of sitting and drawing something.  That’s one of the reasons why I loved art classes in college, there were regular assignments and the more I drew, the easier it was and then things started to flow from me.  So I was hoping that this would be similar.  Force myself to sketch and eventually it’d become easier.

I tried doing this napkin last weekend.  Wow.  It’s hard!  So used to using a pencil and being able to erase, using ink and having it committed was frustrating.  Once you screw up that line do you toss the whole thing, or just try to compensate?  Or, like me, just start tapering off?  Then the medium.  This terrible little piece of thin paper that bleeds so easily and is so tiny compared to jumbo sketch pads!

Anyways, I liked the challenge and think this will be fun.  Here’s hoping the improvements come!  And new respect gained for the people who do it so, so well.


Wee little houses and poems…

Here’s the submitter’s description:

“Two more napkins! (Hopefully paper towel will do.  It’s all we could find)

The first one my sister did.  It’s a drawing of her Tiny House she’s building in her driveway and plans on living in (eventually) on our parent’s property on the Sunshine Coast.  It’s built on a flatdeck and is 248 square feet.
The second one is a quote from my mom who is a writer and poet. ”


I’ve really had to start thinking about how much space I need to be content and while I think it’s a little more than 248 square feet, it’s a lot less than what I’ve got now.IMG_3039IMG_3042

Awesome Dad!

Press StartEarlier this week I was so excited about finding Chris’ napkin gallery that I posted a link to it and I’ve got a link to his other site in the footer below.

This was the first napkin of his I saw and he graciously allowed me to repost it here.  Chris has drawn a napkin for his daughter every school day since April 2012 and now has a son who has just started school as well.  Even though he’s now doing 2 a day I’m hoping he’ll do an occasional napkin just for Drawn on a Napkin!

Keep up the great work Chris!  I really remember the little notes Mom would put in my lunch.  Kids need to feel loved and appreciated and it sounds like yours do!

The full intro for Chris is here.


A very special younger site visitor sent this picture in today.  He was on vacation in North Carolina over the long weekend and tried to capture the trip in his napkin drawing.

I’m doing some interpreting here, but it looks like he went para-sailing, but I think he took some poetic license with what appears to be a red sea monster?  I love the way that he rubbed it in by taking the photo of the napkin on the beach with the beautiful sky, water and sand in the background.