Rated “R” for Adult language: AKA – Happy Hour!

So my sister might’ve come out of no where to win the “most new submitters” contest by taking her team to happy hour.

Group Shot

Napkin #1 

This guy’s name relates to snow or frosty and he drew this (my sister’s comments from when she sent the pic below the photo):


He drew it.  We asked him why, cause his name is Frosty?  He said no, because when I was 18, I drew this exact same thing on a napkin, then took it down and had it tattooed on my arm.  And sure as shit, there it is!

Napkin #2


I said, “so what the hell is that?”  And my friend says, “I just feel that way most of the time”.  And my other friend says, “You feel like a vagina?”  LMAO

My comment?  I hope I never see a vagina that looks like that…


Napkin #3


Now you’ve just got some mc Escher shit going down.


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