Stabilos for ContestSharpies for GiveawayOkay, here’s the first Drawn on a Napkin giveaway.

I’ve got two items, a 12 count of Assorted Fine Point Sharpie Markers and a 20 count pack of Pen 68s from Stabilo.  The Stabilo markers are pretty cool, they’re in a hard case that opens and stands up.

So don’t bust my hump on this, I’m a guy trying to start a cool, fun website and not a lawyer.  I’m calling this a giveaway and the recipients are going to be chosen by me.  I’m going to tell you my metrics to be selected as a recipient of the giveaway but my decision is still my decision.   😉

Okay, so for the Sharpies:  Most positive responses to a submission over the next two weeks.  When I say positive responses, I’m opening that to “likes” and responses on Google+ and Facebook and twitter as well as comments on the site itself.  However, if you’ve been liking my posts on FB, please take a moment to leave a positive comment on the actual Drawn on a Napkin page, it’s good feedback to the submitters and will help promote more submissions.  🙂

The Stabilos:  Most “new” submitters/submissions generated.  I’m trying to grow readership/followings/submissions/whatever.  So the person who helps me advertise and spread the word about Drawn on a Napkin and nags their friends enough to get me the most new submissions over the next week will get the Stabilos.  Obviously you can submit your own napkins as well, but this website will be much more fun as we get more, new people submitting and get some back and forth dialogue going between people who submit.  So like, share, tweet, etc. and make sure that anyone who sends a submission mentions who sent them!



2 thoughts on “Giveaway!

  1. Courtney September 16, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    I love Sharpies… 🙂

  2. macadmin September 16, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    Me too! I know there are probably more “professional” artist tools out there that I could’ve bought instead but my love of Sharpies is so strong I had to get a pack…

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