There are going to be a couple boat pics this week.  This one though, it’s definitely in the “funny” category.

Emily’s explanation:

“This is a picture of my parent’s boat. It’s name is Trio. One time my dad and my uncle were sailing at night and they hit a green can (a kind of buoy, for you inland folk) and had to sail back to port with the front chunk of the boat dangling off. And there is my mom throwing up over the side because she does that sometimes.  And on the deck is my parent’s cat. Her name is Z-cat, and she goes on the boat with my parents for weeks at a time. And in the water is my sister because she fell overboard a lot as a child.  She was pretty clumsy.

Oh, and there’s a seal. Because I like seals.”

One thought on “Boats!

  1. emmyblu September 5, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    …and two bottles of rum?? 😛

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