Some amazing napkins!



I wish Nina had found my website and submitted directly, but these napkins are so amazing that I still have to share.

This is Nina’s intro:

Briefly: I have been drawing on napkins for my kids’ lunch boxes since my first son went to nursery school in 2006.  I did a napkin for him every school and camp day until he hit fourth grade, when kids at his school start eating in the cafeteria and don’t bring a lunch from home.   I started drawing for his 4 years younger brother before he started nursery school because he needed to have the same thing as his older brother.  I still draw for both kids over the summer when they are in camp.  And the older brother who is now in 5th grade still puts in requests and heavily influences his brothers choice.  The kids usually give me a request every night at bedtime, although sometimes they forget, or there is bedtime conflict that precludes a request.  I draw what they ask for as best I can, although this is often not reasonable or physically possible…. And sometimes I rebel at the idea of drawing the same character for the 14th time. I think we have something in excess of 2000 napkins so far, although I only started posting them on the blog in 2011.

Go take a look at her blog and these pieces of art:


And she has a great post here:


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