Halloween is coming

Want an easy way to make your own costume parts? Vacuum Forming!

There’s a video here and when you watch it you can see it’s pretty easy:

Weekend Project: Kitchen Floor Vacuum Former from Make: on Vimeo.

But in the video, the guy’s mold didn’t come out super great because he didn’t drill holes into the form to suck the plastic to it tighter. Download and read the .pdf for more details on how to make it better here:

Frida Kahlo

This group has been launching Kickstarter campaigns to make action figures of artists.  The first campaign was for a Vincent van Gogh, which I supported.  I haven’t received it yet, so I can’t speak to the quality of product/packaging, but I’m excited about it.  Their second figurine is Frida Kahlo.  I don’t know that I’m a big enough fan to purchase but you might be!  Check it out here.